The   Love   of   my   Life...

The Love of my Life is a little angel named Frankie.

(Frank Lee Schafer III)

He came to earth on January 29, 1994. He must have been eager to join his family and friends, I was not even in my third trimester. He weighed 1 pound 7 ounces, and was only 12 inches long. We called him “Little Foot”. His mommy and daddy were very proud of him. The doctors and other healthcare providers were not very hopeful, but we knew he had the same strong blood as his parents.


Every night his father and I read stories to him. The nurses said his vital signs were amazingly high when we were there. We never missed a night! Frankie was getting better and better everyday! Soon we would be able to take our precious angel home.

Finally, the day we were all waiting for came. In April that year we were taking our baby boy home! It was a day I will never forget! It was one of the happiest days of my life! We had so much fun. We took Frankie on bike rides, played with him, bathed him, held him, cuddled him and most of all LOVED him! I couldn’t get enough of my little boy. His daddy loved taking him on long drives and playing the drums for him. I just loved cuddling and kissing him!

The WORST day of my life happened on June 13, 1994. My baby was gone forever! I remember putting Frankie in his cradle the night before and whispering I Love You in his ear. I never saw my angel alive again. His father woke me telling me Frankie was not breathing. I did not believe him. I woke up and I knew my little boy was gone. We called 911, my mother and father in law were there in minutes. I just remember screaming, my miracle was gone.

The story above is a true story about my son. He died from S.I.D.S. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome I would like to tell parents or anyone who's life has been affected by SIDS that we all have to take one day at a time, and our babies will always be remembered and loved.

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